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I am Chicago’s FIRST African American Fashion Designer and Manufacture whose designs have sold in over 679 Stores nationally and internationally and costumers for several television series and acclaimed movies. A few years ago I discovered my second talent and passion was solving a challenge through my gift of Invention. I hold several patent to date. 

 Recently, I saw need and a void while wearing a mask in allowing the people of the world to drink, eat, breath and communicate,  run walk, bike etc. easier and without the necessity of having to remove their Mask.  So I solved the new life style challenge created by today pandemic affecting woman, men and kids over the age of 2.

 I invented and filed a patent on my JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK.  

 My UNZIP Mask allows for comfort and safety for our daily functions without removing, men tucking it in your pocket, or ladies storing it in our purse, which could has virus. 

A great product for people with breathing challenges in that you can unzip in a safe place for natural air. Biker, and joggers, don’t leave home without the UNZIP.

It is washable and reusable made of 100% Anti-Microbial treated cotton, making the mask 95% safe. The JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK is made with 3 layers

The JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK is set to DISRUPT the clothe face mask industry with it innovation and fit for today’s lifestyle.  DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR JERMIKKO UNZIP?!