World's most adaptable & patented hoodie - SwapOut Hoodie!

Fashion Designer, Stylist and Inventor Jermikko has invented and patented a new twist to the next American staple, and it’s called the SwapOut Hoodie. It’s fun, fashionable, creative, and adaptable, perfect for every sports fan and fashionistas. Even #Beyoncé wore one in her #Lemonade video.
It’s designed to completely unzip, allowing the wearer to separate the 2 sides so you can mix-and-match your color choices to create the hoodie you want. For example, today you may want to wear a solid blue but later you may want blue and red or red and white, buy two and SwapOut one side and add in your choice. Not feeling the hood? Convert it to a stylish collar. Need a place to store your personal items? There are two secret pockets suitable for your smartphone or tablet.
Jermikko has invented & patented the next big trend. We want to celebrate it with you! 
Be a Pioneer of the most talked about SwapOut Hoodie! 


MOOD by Jermikko  SwapOut Hoodie Athleisure Wear has got you covered.

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