The JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK Partners with the Illinois Restaurant Employee Relief Fund on Limited-Edition Face Mask

A portion of the proceeds from each mask sold will go to support service industry workers.

CHICAGO, March 30, 2021 – Fashion designer and manufacturer Jermikko Shoshanna of JERMIKKO DESIGN. INC. is partnering with the Illinois Restaurant Employee Relief Fund with the creation and sale of the JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK. A portion of each mask sold will be donated directly to the Illinois Restaurant Employee Relief Fund with the partnership starting March 30 and extending well into 2022.

After manufacturing over 300,000 masks for the City of Chicago during the first wave of COVID-19, Jermikko had the vision to create a face mask that allowed wearers to easily navigate daily life. Called The JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK ™, the patent pending design features a zipper component that can zip down the wearer’s face, providing easy access to food and drink and all other daily functions and activities while keeping their masks on their face eliminating storing under the chin and in pockets, purses, dine-in tables in case the mask has been exposed to the virus.

 “I wanted to make a mask that can give wearers some feeling of normalcy while in these less than normal times,” said Jermikko. “The JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK is designed to protect us while we’re out and about and getting back to supporting our favorite local restaurants and its workers.”

 As COVID restrictions ease and indoor and outdoor dining expands, the JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK comes at the perfect time to protect restaurant staff as well as patrons alike as restaurant patrons are required to wear a mask with all interactions with staff.

The UNZUP FACE MASK features three proactive layers of material including a breathable cotton layer along with a layer of non-woven MERV 16 fabric – the fabric found in medical-grade HVAC systems as well as a layer of anti-microbial silver treated knit. The JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK™ has 1 inch space with a flange similar to that in a man’s pant that protects the nose, lip, and this placement eliminates air from entering the zipper teeth. The Adjustable ear loop allows the JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK™ to accommodate all face sizes. (See examples below)

 In partnership with the Illinois Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK™ will be used to support restaurant who have been affected the worst during this pandemic. The IRAEF Restaurant Employee Relief Fund offers one-time financial support to foodservice workers facing unforeseen hardship due to COVID-19. The $500 grants will help cover necessary living expenses such as rent, food and utilities. The IRAEF has awarded over $260,000 to more than 520 grant recipients. 

The JERMIKKO UNZIP FACE MASK™ available now for order at and retails for $25.60 per mask.

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