Jermikko Status bag

Jermikko Status bag


Fashion designer Jermikko went to the supermarket and saw this great looking guy, they both looked at each other but did not say a word. She eventually left the supermarket wondering if he was single or not. 

Single people are told that the best way to meet people is when you are shopping. Unfortunately, in today's society it is very difficult to carry interpersonal conversations, especially with someone you don't know. so the bag comfortably invites communication face to face with others we want to meet or encourage communication or attention. 

Jermikko thought of different ways to communicate that she was single and open to face to face communication. She thought about her past shopping experiences and how they give her bags the advertising for the store she is shopping at. So she thought, why not design a bag that is environmentally and green friendly that advertises my current relationship status?

She returned to the store with one of her own bags that read 'Single Girl Shopping', and while walking down the vegetable isle, she heard a guy say " I like your bag." It worked! She managed to get a guy's attention with her bag and start a real conversation. 

The Jermikko Status Bag read 'Single Girl Shopping' and 'Single Guy Shopping'. They both have the name of the cit that they were purchased which also makes for a great souvenir item. There is also 'connected shopping' for when you're in a relationship and 'Hitched Shopping' for when you're married with children. 

Your Jermikko Status Bag is made up of 100 % recyclable material, environmentally, office and societal friendly. 

The JERMIKKO STATUS BAG has been reviewed and featured on various platforms where it has been getting rave reviews by the public and has gone viral. Check out these links below for more information:

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