Meet Jermikko

Beginning her expansive career in fashion, Jermikko Shoshanna has been sharing her love of color and flair for the whimsical with the fashion industry for many successful years. A graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Chicago, Jermikko designed for several companies before making the bold move of venturing out on her own. Starting in a small studio apartment with only $50.00, three yards of gold lame fabric, two tree trunks for chairs, home sewing machine, metal card table and her Aussie Terrier Lonesome - he was used to hold the fabric in place. These humble beginnings would see Jermikko emerge as the first African American female owned design and clothing manufacture in Illinois. Over the span of her career, Jermikko has been listed in the who's who in American Women and has won many awards. She made history as the first African American to be awarded the Designer of the Year honor by the Apparel Industry Board of Illinois and would go on to win again with other various fashion related organizations.
Jermikko designs for several labels. The Jermikko label is a high-end collection featuring coats, suits, and eveningwear. The Possibles by Jermikko is a bridge line of contemporary wear that brings the sportier side of fashion to the woman who demands style and comfort. To broaden the scope of Jermikko’s design and audience, Jermikko is excited to introduce the new missy line of outerwear. Simply named J by Jermikko, this line brings just a touch of luxury to the modern woman of today. All three labels showcase the multifaceted aesthetic of Jermikko.

 Jermikko's collection has intricate details and new shapes; her look is edgy, but redefined. This collection speaks to the woman who has power, privilege, happiness and a bit of whimsy. The current collection offers fine, exquisite wools and silks in exciting colors and intriguing bodies. Together, Jermikko's collection is intended to "beautify the mind, body and spirit". From daytime to evening, modern and contemporary art, combined with a passion for eras past, is a visible influence of Jermikko's designs.