SwapOut Hoodie



The SwapOut: Customize your color choice by swapping out 1 half. As shown in the picture, we have swapped out grey and black. 


 I was shopping one day and overheard a young person say in order to represent his team’s colors; he needed to purchase two Hoodies. His mom overruled his request. The following week, I witness a group of young People being denied entrance to a store because they were wearing hoodies. These two incidents started the creation for my new invention.

It is also believed that I am the first African American in history to ever receive a Utility and a Design patent on or for an everyday consumer garment.  

 SwapOut Hoodie under our Athleisure Wear brand labeled by Jermikko returns FUN and SAFETY back to Hoodie and I believe create new a retail phenomenon in the way we purchase this invention.

 The SwapOut is fun, fashionable, creative, and adaptable, perfect for every sports fan and fashionistas, sorority even the military as a training and promotional item. Even Beyoncé chose to wear the SwapOut hoodie in her Lemonade video.

 Currently there are only 2 types of hoodies offered to consumers, pullover or one zip front. My Patented SwapOut Hoodie creates a third choice.  The SwapOut allows the wearer to unzip the back and front zippers and zip in a different color of choice creating different colors combination. For example you can change an all solid color to two colors, now you are ready to support your favorite winning sports team or sorority or your fashionista choice and SwapOut makes a great promotional item.

 Not feeling the hood, unzip and convert it to a stylish collar. Need a place to store your personal items? There are two secret pockets suitable for your smart phone or tablet or other personal items of choice. My SwapOut Hoodie is has got you covered. Everyone owns a hoodie and now everyone can own the SwapOut.