Each one reach out & save a youth [www.gofundme.com/saveayouth]

Each one reach out & save a youth [www.gofundme.com/saveayouth]

This is placed under emergency, because the loss of our young lives is an EMERGENCY!If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of raising money to bury our youth. So, I’m asking you to join me in my fundraising for “Each One Reach Out and Teach One” to save some young lives.

We raise funds on GoFundMe to bury our youth who appear to have lost their lives from the frustration of seeing NO WAY OUT, BUT WITH A GUN. My solution is to raise funds on GoFundMe, to Reach Out, to Teach and pass on a set of skills of interest. Show them their talent really can earn them the respect, financial reward and a life they deserve; show them that the gun is not the only way out.

Recently, I received the patent on a new twist to the Hoodie, which I branded as the SwapOut Hoodie. The SwapOut Hoodie allows the wearer to unzip and add in other colors to create a different color pallet. Currently, it comes in solid colors void of embellishments. The Hoodie is the world’s greatest for supporting your amateur and professional sports teams and sororities and fraternities and is the fashion item of comfort. Our youth and others love wearing this comfortable garment which according to the U.S. Apparel Industry is a $359 billion business.

One day, someone asked me to embellish an order of Hoodies with creative designs. This inspired me to use the embellishment idea to hire some of our talented youths to lend their creativity to hold a pencil and a paint brush in exchange for a gun. My design business is located in a building which houses only artists. This exposure alone would be invaluable to talented youths.

Here is how it will work with your financial assistance:

 We will employ creative youths and pay them a decent salary and a percentage of sales for their input into an American staple –  the Hoodie –  that is strongly loved and accepted by youths and others. These creative youths will work both part- and full-time under the Executive Design Director (Me) to create salable looks on our Hoodie and other Athleisure Wear items. The youth will gain experience at manufacturing, production and selling to major retailers, e-commerce and other distributors. 

The world states “it takes a village” so I have come to the Village to ask you to help me remove the gun and replace it with a pencil, paint brush and sketch pad; pride of a career; and the vision of another way out. I feel strongly we will not need to raise so much money to bury a youth because he or she now has the pride of a career doing something he or she loves. While God has given me the gift of this SwapOut Hoodie invention and patent, I strongly believe it is meant to be a tool to employ, educate, empower and enrich some talented youths who need a better way in life.

 This is my solution and if it saves 1, 2 or 3 young people, we have made the world a better and safer place. 

I urge you to financially support this project while helping our youth move towards a positive direction in life. I’m offering three rewards for your giving. (See rewards in the special section.) We don’t want something for nothing.

 My SwapOut Hoodie was worn by Beyoncé in her Lemonade video. The SwapOut Hoodie has been written about in

While Chance the Rapper is working diligently on getting our kids through high school, I am using my talent as a successful designer/manufacturer/inventor with over 40 years of knowledge and experience and a reputation for supporting the youth of today to give them a place to learn, earn and create -- and hopefully to stay alive. Will you help me?

DONATE NOW AT: https://www.gofundme.com/saveayouth 

Thank you, 
Team SwapOut Hoodie
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