Jermikko Fashions - The Label

Jermikko Fashions - The Label

The Jermikko Label is a high-end clothing collection. They include a wide selection of suits, coats, evening & urban wear. 



Fashion designer Jermikko comes from a very humble beginning that saw her emerge as the first African American female owned design and clothing manufacturer in Illinois. Over the span of a revolutionary career, Jermikko has won many awards, including the first African American woman to be awarded to be awarded the designer of the year honor by the Apparel Industry Board of Illinois.

 Jermikko Labels reaches out to a broad demographics with her designs. Her collection displays intricate details and new shapes that are edgy and redefined. 

 Jermikko's designs range from daytime to evening with a mix modern and contemporary art that is intended to 'beautify the mind, body and spirit'




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