Jermikko introduces the new "SwapOut Hoodie" collection

Jermikko introduces the new "SwapOut Hoodie" collection


The Jermikko Label introduces its latest line of clothing featuring the 'world’s most adaptable hoodie'.

This rad sweatshirt is a revolutionary design invented and patented by fashion designer Jermikko from Chicago. 

The hoodie was most notably worn by superstar Beyoncé in her music video "lemonade".


The 'Swap Out' hoodie consists of a unique and revolutionary design that enables a user to ‘swap out’ the sides of the hoodie and zip them back up to create a hoodie with two different colors. The wearer can also buy two hoodies that consists of 3 colors, and ‘mix n match’ them to create hoodies with different colors.

The hoodie also has the option to unzip the hood to the side which allows the wearer to go into certain public places where hoodies are stigmatized. 


Jermikko likes to invent things, and her ideas are derived from the trials & tribulations of normal daily life.

So how did she come up with the revolutionary 'SwapOut' hoodie?

She came up with the 'swap out' hoodie invention after hearing a conversation between a mother and her son at a local Target store. Her son begged her mother to buy him two different hoodies so that he could represent the colors of his school. His mother told him that they cannot afford two so he had to settle for one. Upon hearing this, Jermikko started to think of a creative solution to the problem. This is how she came up with the 'SwapOut' hoodie that can adapt and change. 



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