Social Networking on a Bag!! Jermikko Status Bag was designed by awarding winning fashion designer Jermikko to help us communicate with comfort whether single or not. 

We have SINGLE GIRL SHOPPING BAG to take to the mall or the drugstore or simply shopping. The same is true for the SINGLE GUY, CONNECTED, HITCHED, HIS & HIS, HER & HER STATUS SHOPPING BAG. Let's face it, in this electronic age, everybody is eager to divulge his or her status. People are always curious about others’ status as well, whether via Twitter, Facebook or even Tinder. Now, with the JERMIKKO STATUS BAGS there’s a new way you can make your status known without all the uncertainty of modern technology!

Each JERMIKKO STATUS BAG is designed with 2 side pockets for conveniently making space for your bottles, cell phone or even keys and a print indicating your status only in colors showed below. Made of 100% recyclable materials, these bags are environmentally friendly. This sturdy bag is made of canvas with mesh pockets and mesh rounded rope handles and has a clear laminated bag interior making it washable and easily re-usable.

They can be used for many purposes, including groceries, laundry, books, beach bags, and even diapers.

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